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SMS Alumni is established to provide an active institutional framework for professional development, interaction and networking for the holistic development of alumni portal of SMS,Varanasi.All those students who have successfully completed their Undergraduate and Postgraduate Programs at SMS, Varanasi, (including PGDM, PGDM-International Business, PGDM-Insurance & Risk Management, PGDM-Retail Management, MCA, BBA and BCA) are eligible for membership in SMS Alumni Portal. Most of the members of this portal today work in different domestic and multinational companies in middle and top level management. Even some have stepped into higher education and research works. With SMS alumni pursuing careers in the corporate world in various locations in Asia-Pacific, Australia, USA, Europe and Middle East, SMS alumni Portal now has a global presence.

SMS Alumni Portal facilitates networking among alumni by organizing alumni reunions, batch meets and other related activities. It also assists alumni in lateral career movement and career development. SMS Alumni Portal tries to create opportunities where alumni can interact with current SMS students.To facilitate the former students, School of Management Sciences, Varanasi organizes Alumni Meet in different parts of the country quite frequently. Alumni Portal in cooperation with Alumni coordinators arranges the meet. Such meetings help the Alumni members to have interaction with their seniors as well as juniors. It further establishes the sensitive bonding among Alumni Members.

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